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economic crime
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The Minister will deliver an opening keynote address.

Content coming soon.

  • How we have developed the Counter Fraud Function and the development of measures and initiatives to tackle the problem of fraud in the Public Sector.

Tackling Public Sector Fraud from the United States perspective.

Tackling Public Sector Fraud from an Australian perspective.

  • Finding fraud is a good thing’– celebrating success as a visible demonstration of commitment and values;
  • Building expertise and the right specialisms within teams and;
  • How to best utilise resources within wider delivery bodies and agencies.

Representatives from City of London Police, the Metropolitan Police and the National Crime Agency will discuss the current landscape and share their thoughts on effective strategies to tackle fraud and cyber crime.

  • Economic Crime Reform – a whole nation approach. What role will law enforcement play?
  • Can we be confident our approach will work?
  • Partnerships – how can the Police/NCA work more closely with other agencies and the private sector?
  • Emerging Trends
  • What does the future fraudster look like?
  • What impact does identity have?
  • How can we protect vulnerable victims?
  • How do we prioritise our activity with limited resources when fraud and cybercrime make up just under half of all crime in the UK?
  • How could legislative/policy changes improve the response?


  • Exploring the development of counter fraud products;
  • Sharing best practice between the UK and other public sector international forum partners and;
  • Analysing the challenges that face public sector fraud departments in different countries.